Worldwide Christmas songs

A choice of traditional Christmas songs and carols around the world in many languages including Spanish, Latin, French, German, Italian and, of course, English.

Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain (by a Spaniard!)

Whenever I read a foreign website talking about the Spanish Christmas I feel like I live in a different country so, let’s fix it! This is how we actually celebrate Christmas in Spain

Christmas tree contest

Eleventh edition of this contest involving visitors from international Christmas sites, share your tree!

My Android Christmas game!

Feel like squeezing your brain during holidays? Try our Android game, Light up Christmas! Free and loaded with puzzles, for phones and tablets! Download at Play Store

┬┐Hablas espa├▒ol?

You’ll love  Navidad Digital, the reference website of the Spanish Christmas since 1994. With updated pictures of Spain’s capital, its seasonal lightning, Nativity scenes, recipes, etc.

Christmas is for sharing ^_^

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